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More and more Chinese parents are considering sending their kids abroad

for better education at a younger age.


Zerone Education helps Chinese parents choose the schools

that suit their children the most in the UK, and help them with their applications. 

We also provide guardianship consulting service,

as well as take caring of students along the way when they study in the UK,

and help parents communicate with schools. 

We have partnerships with schools and organisations across China.

We also build relationships and collaborate with UK schools,

who want their admission in China taken care of by

an expert company who resides in their time zone

and has almost a decade experience. 

selections of

Successful applications 

Zerone Education

An education institution founded in the UK

aiming to facilitate educational links between the UK and China;

to offer Chinese students opportunities to study in the UK;

and to promote the learning of Chinese in UK schools.

Registered in England and Wales No. 10194287

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