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Chinese teacher training programme

We provide first class teacher training to UK educated Chinese native speakers, who have an Education related degrees and a passion on both Chinese language and teaching. After a selection process, trainees will undergo rigorous training which includes theoretical and practical classes taught by experienced teachers and professors; sufficient practices by teaching real students and master classes held by education and linguistic experts.

About CTTP

Run by Teachers For Teachers, To Enlighten Your future, So you can Do so for Others.

We are looking for education and language students or graduates with Mandarin proficiency who are interested in a teaching career. We provide you with exclusive teaching opportunities by connecting you to private and public institutions. Zerona has over 300 affiliations with leading schools and will help you find placements. This sets you up with amazing learning opportunities as well as permanent fixtures at prestigious schools. You also have the options of working towards Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and also a PGCE qualification. You will also receive 1--3 months specialized training. You get access to a proprietary course designed by a renowned language and literature professor in the UK, which prepares you for professional teaching in a native environment. The focus is on practical knowledge in teaching UK students, and also covers GCSE and A-level Chinese syllabi. The course will be delivered by highly trained mentors and is bespoke to the individual trainee’s needs.


Package Includes

Academic training for teaching in independent schools

Our professional CTTP teachers will provide you with a deeper understanding of the education system in the UK, and professional analysations, frameworks and sample papers of GCSE and A-level Chinese.

Practical training for teaching in independent schools

Our professional CTTP teachers will teach you how to select textbooks, how to design lesson plans and syllabi, how to teach Mandarin based on students’ interests and learning needs, and how to be a great Mandarin teacher.

Teaching practice in Mandarin classes for locals

During the teaching practice, you will practice and enhance what you learned from the Academic and Practical training in a real Mandarin teaching environment.

Observations of Mandarin classes in independent schools

You will be observing Mandarin classes in independent schools to see how our full-time Mandarin teachers teach Mandarin to different levels of students.

Interview opportunities from schools in the UK

You will have interview opportunities with representatives from schools which could lead to more internship opportunities in schools.

Internships at schools in the UK

You will undertake internships at schools in the UK. You may get a working visa if schools are satisfied with your performances during the internships.

Orientation Induction from Independent schools’

Independent schools’ representative will give you a 3-hour orientation induction regarding class management, school policies and health & safety to help you adapt into their teaching environment.

Advice on résumé writing

Advice on résumé writing to increase your chance of being selected by schools

Safeguarding training and test

You will complete safeguarding training and tests which are prerequisites of working at schools, trainee teachers will be confident to deal with any unexpected situations.

5 hours 1 to 1 VIP training

Our CTTP teacher will give you a 5-hour 1 to 1 VIP training basing on your strengths and weaknesses

10 weeks of teaching-practice at schools in the UK

Paired up to teach in UK schools’ clubs for 10 weeks, along with professional supports and feedback during your training.

Enhanced DBS Application

Trainee teachers are always required to have Enhanced DBS checked before working at schools. We will help you with the application to save you time before actually working in UK schools.

First Aid training and test

You will receive a 3-year-first-aid certificate after completing the first aid training and test.

Consultation and assistance for T5/T2 visa application

You will receive free consultation and assistance from a specialist to apply for T5/T2 visas (application fees not included).

Whole year VIP seats for lectures from Education experts

You can attend free lectures from education experts throughout the year. Education experts will provide you with thought-provoking views of understanding education and teaching.

Trainee Testimonial

“Though I had to travel a long distance every week, I didn't want the training to end. I enjoyed it very much. Everything I learned during the class were very practical and useful.” 

—  Wei

Zerone Education

Zerone Education & Training is a new and innovative provider of “End to End” education support service to schools, colleges across key locations in England and Scotland. Our organisation is created by like-minded people with a combined experience of 30 years within Education, working in a wide variety of contexts and engaging with some of the area’s most challenging learners. Zerone Education & Training Group will work effectively with any education provider and local authority to ensure that we provide a cost effective, efficient and personalised service. As an organisation, we can offer the supply of teachers, cover supervisors and teaching / behaviour support assistants into the primary and secondary. We also provide high-quality Teacher Training via a number of routes, all of which are supported by our experienced and dedicated team. Our alternative curriculum service can provide engaging courses / tuitions for learners that require extra intervention to access mainstream education. Whether you are a school, college looking to recruit high-calibre staff or support your learners with alternative provision, or a candidate looking for your next role within Education, ZERONE will be hereto support you every step along the way.

Registered in England and Wales No. 10194287

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